The Skelecosm literally began as a sketch on a whiteboard.

I've always been a doodler...but I found this drawing particularly ridiculous and felt inspired to do a few more, all the while capturing them with a digital camera for posterity. It seemed to me that the photos could be cleaned up on the computer, and I thought it would be cute to email them to friends. They were somewhat crude-looking as I hadn't worked with graphics in a while (my tool of choice, Aldus PhotoStyler had long since ceased to exist), but they served their purpose, and after a while I got the hang of PhotoImpact, which I selected because it beared the name Ulead, the creators of PhotoStyler (Ulead has now been acquired by Corel, and you can tell that the core developers aren't there anymore--the upgrades have been disappointing; I may have to finally switch to Photoshop ...eww).

I have an addictive, obsessive personality, and in my old age I've learned to channel some of that energy into productive work. Whatever I am into, I am into *all the way* for months or even years--it takes me a long time to burn out. And it took years to really peak at Skele-graphics; there was a lot to learn. But I eventually ran out of steam and nowadays only produce a new Skeleton every once in a blue moon. And that suits me fine...there are always other projects. I recently spent a whole year playing poker, and prior to that I created a unique forum-like messaging system that has eliminated the need for email among my friends and family. And right now I am working on a next-generation survey software engine for my longtime partners in the strange world of human resources...

I don't know if what I have done here can ever be monetized, but I'm certainly proud of the Skeleton and think he's worthy of sharing with the world. If he makes you smile, please tell a friend. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and I hope the visible progression (compare card #1 with #203) inspires you to think about what's possible when you believe in your ability to master something, no matter how ridiculous it might seem, and no matter what unhelpful noises the people around you might make.